TET Coronavirus News

  • Last update 13/10/20
13th October 2020

If you have any specific questions relating to your services received from TET, and how the Coronavirus outbreak could affect them, please contact your TET account manager who will respond or redirect your query accordingly. Equally, if you need advice on your own business continuity plans, including how to gear up for remote working, then please get in touch and we will engage the appropriate staff to discuss with you.

TET is closely monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization), as well as from UK authorities.

Our top priorities are the welfare of our employees, as well as maintaining the high level of service and performance to our Customers.

Steps to mitigate any impact on our services are in place.

We have invoked travel restrictions in line with WHO and Goverment guidance, including all international travel. Any employees who have travelled to restricted locations are to self-isolate as per the government guidelines.

Domestic travel is being reconsidered where virtual meetings can take place.

We have proactive steps to minimise the risk amongst our staff. We have geographically divided our teams, with half remaining office based and the other half working remotely. The teams will rotate on a rolling two-week rota, aiming to avoid any one team all being out of action at the same time.

We expect this adapted way of working to have a negligible impact on our business operations. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 registered organisation, TET has comprehensive contingency plans and technology in place for scenarios such as these, and we regularly test to ensure they operate as expected.

We are also working closely with our supply chain to ensure that they have equivalent plans in place and clear visibility of any potential impacts. The current status of our supply chain is positive, with all suppliers contacted giving us strong assurances of uninterrupted support over the coming months.

Our management team are closely monitoring the situation and reviewing guidance issued by the aforementioned sources, with regular meetings scheduled to continually assess the risk level and ensure appropriate measures are in place to minimise the potential impact to our services.


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