NHS Shared Business Services Digital Workplace Solutions

(Replacing Link: IT Solutions)

The digital workplace solutions framework which replaces the Link: IT Solutions framework provides an OJEU compliant route to market for the procurement of full end-to-end IT solutions, and individual elements of IT solutions. The digital framework can ensure delivery of effective consumer-oriented technologies that meet your requirements across a range of IT infrastructure areas.


This includes: data centre infrastructure, servers and storage, networking and security products, end user computing hardware and software, bespoke software, professional services and training. The framework complements Link 2: IT Hardware which focuses on end user client devices.


The main objective of this digital workplace solutions framework, is to meet complex customer specific requirements through provision of a bundled solution of IT products and services, which may include elements from several of the different categories available.


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When does the framework start?

10 August 2020 - 09 August 2020 (with the option to extend to 2024)


What is the aim of the framework?

This is a new framework which replaces the very successful Link: IT Solutions framework agreement. It provides a compliant route to source effective consumer-oriented technologies that meet your requirements across a range of IT infrastructure, hardware and software areas.




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What are the benefits of using the framework?


Removes the requirement for NHS and wider public sector organisations to run costly individual procurement exercises, saving time and resource.


A compliant procurement exercise has been undertaken to ensure that suppliers meet all key standards and requirements.



Approved Organisations can call off for up to 7 years under the framework agreement and can either Direct award or run a further mini-competition.


Suppliers meet all necessary standards including cyber essentials, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & ISO13485.


The framework agreement was tendered under the standard NHS terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions can be supplemented to account for local requirements. Pricing is negotiable in order to achieve value for money.

Who can access the framework?

All UK-based public sector organisations, including:

NHS organisations
Local Authorities/LEAs
Further and Higher Education
Emergency Services
Museums, galleries etc
The Prison Service

What is within scope of the framework agreement?

Hardware, software and services that are covered in this agreement includes but are not limited to:

Servers & Storage

Networking & Security

End User Computing

Professional Services