All-In-One Integrated Cloud security protection on a single platform.

Get round-the-clock protection at lightning speed to protect your business and stop attacks the smart way with advanced threat intelligence across email, web and cloud applications with Censornet Integrated Cloud Security platform.

Integrated Cloud security

Censornets Autonomous Security Engine platform


Over a billion threats are reviewed every day. So that we know the attacks you’ll face before they hit.


Cyber intel is shared so attacks are stopped dead. We keep you ahead of the game.


Plug and play. Or create your own rules. We respond to spam, phishing, and rogue users 24/7.

Plug ‘n’ Play or do things your way. Either way you’re in control

The average SME uses 24 separate security products. That’s a lot of gaps in your defence. Censornet’s Autonomous Security Engine platform spots suspicious behaviour and closes the gaps by stopping threats at lightning speed and provides you with:

security consolidation

Fully integrate multiple core security services for simplified management with a single underlying shared identity store.

effective core defences

Move away from the more expensive approach of running separate solutions in silos and allows security teams to effectively and efficiently manage core security defences, in a way that reflects how modern enterprises work today.

Full data access

Censornet Platform allows users the freedom to access the applications and data they need – regardless of device or location, whilst providing visibility for IT and protection for all.

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