Medigenic Keyboards and Mouse

for Infection-Control

Medigenic Keyboards and Mouse for Infection-Control


Infection control keyboards are designed to provide smarter prevention and control of contaminants such as hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Manufactured by Advanced Input Systems, the Medigenic range of keyboards include the Medigenic Compliance, the only keyboard designed in collaboration with the NHS for use in healthcare settings.


There are strong arguments for improved infection control methodology where computer keyboards collect biological contaminants and require attention to maintain disinfection. Designed to improve hygiene, control infection and reduce costs, the Medigenic range is suitable for any location where computers are used in clean environments – hospitals, medical centres, healthcare organisations, vets, dentists and cleanrooms.


The keyboards in the Medigenic range feature a flat design to enable quick and easy cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants and wipes. In addition, they feature conventional keyboard tactile feedback for high-speed data entry and accuracy.


The Medigenic range is backed by over 30 years’ experience in the provision of technologies to healthcare, medical and industrial markets.

Medigenic key facts:
Medigenic is the only keyboard range to achieve an E2 rating from the Department of Health Rapid Review Panel
Recipient of the Medical Design Excellence award
Patented ‘Clean-Me’ alert system to ensure cleaning compliance (at least twice daily)
NHS supported pricing


NHS-approved clinical studies at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) have shown:
Keyboards and mice are a major contributor to cross contamination.
Bacteria and pathogen levels on keyboard surfaces fall by 70% if they are cleaned twice daily
1 in 10 incidences of hospital acquired infections (HAI) are linked to common touch points such as keyboards and mice.
Depolying the Medigenic Compliance keyboard and mouse on all computers and carts within a clinical environment canreduce the risk of MRSA by up to 10%


According to NICE clinical guidelines, MRSA and HAIs cost the NHS £1,000,000,000 each year. To address this issue, leading microbiologists at UCLH worked in partnership with Medigenic to develop the Compliance keyboard.


"MRSA costs UCLH £1.9m every year mostly in prolonged inpatient stays. However, the Trust has calculated that the keyboards will pay for themselves if they help cut the number of MRSA cases by an average of just ten a year. This is a significant step forward in the battle against infections like MRSA. You can run education campaigns to get people to wash their hands more often but the impact only lasts for about eight weeks. But with these keyboards you have got a constant reminder of the importance of washing your hands and keeping your computer clean.


Professor Peter Wilson, Consultant Microbiologist, UCLH


Special pricing for NHS


Contact us for promotional pricing on these products to the NHS and associated organisations.


Medigenic Compliance Keyboard

The only keyboard designed in collaboration with the NHS for use in healthcare settings.


Medigenic Essential Keyboard

A cost-effective solution to improving infection control within healthcare environments


Medigenic Mouse

An easily cleaned optical mouse designed for medical environments, impervious to antibacterial spray and liquid cleaning products.

Medigenic Compliance vs Essential






Patented 'Clean Me' audio and visual alert system      ✓
User defined time-based cleaning alerts      ✓
Backlit keys for working in low light environments        ✓
Available in two sizes      ✓
Single 'disable' key for fast cleaning in situation      ✓      ✓
Sealed to IP67 and impervious to liquid cleaning products      ✓      ✓
Hypo-allergenic, latex-free, silicone-based cover material       ✓      ✓
Removable and replaceable covers to extend product life      ✓      ✓
Abrasion resistant cover       ✓       ✓
Plug and play with Windows and Mac via USB      ✓      ✓
Tactile key response for high speed data entry      ✓      ✓
Available in multiple language formats      ✓      ✓
Medigenic Keyboards & Mice - Easy to Clean, Medical Grade

Flat silicone surface can be wiped in seconds without disconnecting from the PC. Comfortable to use with tactile response that enables fast typing. Fast & Effective Cleaning. Patented Cleaning Alerts. Hypo-allergenic. Washable Keyboards & Mice. Types: Impervious to Cleaners, Backlit keys.




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