We offer a wide range of print solutions, which includes everything from convenience desk-based systems through to dedicated follow me environments utilising innovative print management systems.


A managed Print Services offers a cost-efficient solution to save you money and give you peace of mind over security and compliance. This strategic approach to your print estate enables you to make big savings on hardware and running costs, whilst protecting your investment.


With toner prices continuing to rise, moving to an Managed Print Services solution can secure prices for the duration of the contract, shielding you from market volatility.

Why choose TET?

Experienced IT specialists

Our team of consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business IT requirements.

Strong vendor partnerships

TET has been long term partners with major vendors and knows the thier portfolios through and through.

One end-to-end partner

With TET, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers for your IT project. We will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

Related Services

Managed Printing


A Managed Print Solutions will manage every aspect of your printing and document management. By converging traditional desktop printers, scanners, outsourced print, document management and workflow, a managed print service will improve your document and endpoint security, optimise the document lifecycle and reduce consumable wastage, whilst saving you money at every point.

A managed print solution is intrinsic to overcoming many of your print and document management challenges, whilst sending you along the road to digitisation. We recognise the importance of continuous improvement to create an enhanced and agile document management environment.

Standalone Printing


We can recommend for a suitable device fit for your needs – whether that be mono or colour, single or multifunction.

We also can supply ink and toner from all major brands, in stock for next day delivery

3D Printing


3D Printing is the process that creates a physical 3D object from a digital design by adding a material such as plastic or metal, layer by layer.

Until recently, 3D printing technology was beyond the realms of most budgets but has now become more and more accessible to organisations of any size. For educationalists and industry professionals alike, 3D printing continues to deliver new outcomes and opportunities.



3D printing can play a valuable part in STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics), transforming the classroom into an interactive learning environment. By providing hands-on learning, students can create tangible aids to help understand complex concepts or through rapid prototyping capabilities, see their ideas and designs turn into real objects. 3D Printing also helps future proof students as they enter the workplace with knowledge, skills and confidence using the technology.



3D Printing serves multiple benefits in business as more industries adopt the technology. From rapid prototyping and manufacturing through to architectural scale models and prosthetics, 3D printing presents new ways to minimise design cycles, eliminate design flaws, inspire audiences and reduce prototype production costs.