Delivering business transformation

As one of the UK’s leading IT Reseller’s, we are the technology partner
of choice to help businesses of all sizes through their digital
transformation journey.


Whether your small business that is just starting out or has been helping
customers for years, determining the right technology solution to keep
your business moving forward is critical. We can help with a combination
of solutions, services, and technology product offerings that enable your
business to run efficiently and improve business outcomes ─
and we can scale to stay within your business’s budget.

Custom IT Solutions for Businesses of all sizes

It’s imperative to determine the best ways to leverage technology to expedite processes and improve business outcomes.

Whether it’s enhancing security, outsourcing IT support, or working with an expert to build a cloud platform just for your business, We can consult with you to deliver on precisely what you need. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver great customer service, and we are passionate about helping businesses through their digital transformation.

Why Choose Us

We are professional, reliable and easy to deal with, and will always go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the best possible outcome. Through our training and development programmes, our people are always up-to-date with industry and technical knowledge, so they are best placed to advise on the perfect IT solution for your organisation.


Trusted supplier to a wide range of business

In-house team of accredited solution architects, deployment specialists, and technical engineers

Solution and vendor agnostic

How Can We Help

We help to bring the modern workspace to life by integrating users into the computing environment. We help develop a remote working strategy by understanding how and where your users currently work, and how they access and use digital applications. We can define your remote working strategy with an unbiased approach to help you select the best device, platform, applications, security and device management for your organisation.

By providing the right blend of software and hardware based security solutions, we can assist you in protecting your most valuable assets throughout your environment from internal and external threats.

We’ve built strategic relationships with a select number of partners to deliver Cloud Services that are able to bridge the gap to the cloud using the appropiate blend of public and private clouds, enabling effective, hybrid deployments. It’s our aim to help create an agile computing environment that remains flexible enough to grow or change in the future. We’ll help you identify the varying needs across you organisation and find the best cloud option for your workloads – in terms of functionality, performance, availability, cost and security.

In order to save time and resource on your IT staff, TET offer a simplified approach for managing a multitude of devices. With selected software already deployed across the devices, your IT department can automate updates, manage usability and set up restrictions, and fix any software issues from any location.

In today's increasingly digital yet disparate world, where everyone has their own individual way of working, it can be difficult to keep your workforce happy and motivated while still ensuring they remain productive. With Microsoft 365 you can help your people to do more, achieve more and succeed more.

Work on any device, anywhere
Switch devices seamlessly when the task demands
Collaborate with customers and colleagues with ease and confidence
Anytime, anywhere access to data and applications
Build company-wide communities and increase communication
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