The need to protect your organisation from increasingly malicious and complex cyber threats has never been greater. The evolving digital workplace has created an expanded attack surface that requires multiple new levels of protection to ensure the integrity and reputation of your business remains safe from harm.

We partner with class-leading manufacturers of security technology in order to design, install, manage and support multi-layered security architectures that are streamlined and synchronised to protect the entirety of your network and data.


We will work with you to identify potential risks and areas of weakness within your network's security. One of our security experts will then help you to build a robust defense strategy against cyber threats.

Why choose TET?

Experienced IT specialists

Our team of consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business IT requirements.

Strong vendor partnerships

TET has been long term partners with major vendors and knows the thier portfolios through and through.

One end-to-end partner

With TET, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers for your IT project. We will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

Related Services

Endpoint Security


By providing the right software based security solutions, we can assist you in protecting your most valuable assets throughout your environment from internal and external threats.

Meaningful threats are growing in volume and complexity. On an ever more frequent basis, attacks across both the corporate and public sectors are being publicised nationally and often transparently around the effect, disruption and impact caused. No longer can it be assumed that your current or legacy security technologies are providing suitable protection.


The increased usage of public cloud based applications has undoubtedly improved productivity and is helping embrace new ways of working and driving innovation. Having visibility and control of this activity should form a fundamental part of your security strategy to govern this risk effectively.


Although basic and often addressed by educating users on the subject, email phishing attacks and malware distributed via rogue web links and attachments are still the top form of attack. Having the latest and most appropriate technology in place to protect these essential applications is key in order to mitigate the rapidly evolving threats adopted by attackers.


Whilst having the appropriate defence in place to minimise risk from outside of your organisation is vital, it is just as important to make sure that you are protected from authorised users by ensuring they have the appropriate methods and levels of access to the resources they need day to day.

Security Hardware


Physical security appliances and core infrastructure technologies have improved significantly in recent years, providing enhanced protection “out of the box”. You can now leverage these built-in advancements to help complement your security strategy

Depending on the complexity, size and scale of your organisation, it is essential that any approach to security is implemented with the ongoing management of your infrastructure at the forefront. Ensuring that core appliances and end points across your estate are continuously monitored and updated to protect them from the evolving threats, is a task that can be mostly automated if the appropriate hardware has been incorporated from the start.


Next generation and web application firewalls now provide a broad range of functionality that allow you to have greater awareness of the traffic across your network and how it is controlled. This helps minimise the risk of a breach occurring, regardless if an attack is targeted at the network or application layer.