Get more protection from the technology you already have

Maximise your next-generation Palo Alto firewall security management capabilities across your deployment to strengthen your IT security and optimise your ROI.

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Strengthen your security

Execute your roadmap to advanced protection

The Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment (BPA) measures your usage of your next-generation firewall and Panorama™ security management capabilities across your deployment, enabling you to make adjustments that maximise your return on investment and strengthen security.

Increase visibility with advanced security controls

Measure your security capabilities with customisable heatmap reports and industry benchmarks.

Create a roadmap for increased threat prevention

Reduce opportunities for attack by creating usage baselines and systematically reducing unnecessary applications and user traffic.

Improve your security operations over time

Stay up to date on the effectiveness of controls by repeating the assessment regularly and demonstrating increased prevention capabilities.

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Maximise the effectiveness of your next-gen firewall

99% of firewall breaches through 2023 will be due to firewall misconfigurations, not firewall flaws, according to Gartner research.1 Companies typically implement basic capabilities and postpone setting up many features that maximise protection.
Most organisations don’t fully implement the capabilities of their Next-Generation Firewalls, leading to gaps in security. Use our free tool to quickly identify the most critical security controls for your organisation to focus on. Confidently measure, track, and improve your security policy adoption.


Benefits of a Best Practice Assessment (BPA)

  • A quick and easy assessment that provides a barometer of your security implementation.
  • Understand how to better protect your network by looking deep into your security policy adoption.
  • Improve your security team’s efficiency by following easy-to-action recommendations.
Why run a Best Practice Assessment?

Adopting the built-in features of our Next-Generation Firewalls reduces network security risks. The Best Practice ­Assessment identifies opportunities for remediation, enabling you to:


  • Reduce re-work and change requests due to misconfigurations. Ensure you’re on top of your configurations and avoid receiving urgent calls about misconfigurations at the eleventh hour. Build confidence in your controls through visibility.
  • Quickly understand where to focus your security team’s efforts. Regular BPA scans can help your network administrative team prioritise tasks to address deficiencies.
  • See a best practice roadmap and track your progress. ­Receive custom recommendations for critical policy configurations to address and measure the progress of your best practice implementation.
How does it work?

The BPA consists of three parts: the assessment itself, a ­Security Policy Capability Adoption Heatmap, and an executive summary.

The Best Practice Assessment is a focused evaluation of your adoption of security configuration best practices for Next-Generation Firewalls or Panorama™ network security management, grouped by policies, objects, networks, and devices.

The Security Policy Capability Adoption Heatmap shows gaps in your capability adoption, displaying your current adoption percentage rating for each metric as well as a comparison against industry averages. With deep insight into how you are leveraging prevention capabilities, you can continuously improve your security.

The BPA Executive Summary is designed for management and executives to better understand the current state of security capability adoption at a glance—including information on progress from prior reports, if available—to help your organisation confidently progress toward best practice implementation.


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