Protect your corporate assets from cyber-attacks

Security incidents from data breaches and malware attacks can severely impact the financial and reputational health of your business.

Our 360 approach to cyber security lowers your risk of attacks, protects your revenue growth, and reduces your incident management costs to protect your bottom line.

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Network security

The average annual cost of a data breach is £3.36 million. Robust network security is required to monitor traffic across your network, identify potentially malicious activity, and enable your organisation to block, filter, or mitigate any potential threats.

Endpoint protection

Every endpoint can be an attack entry point. TET provide market-leading solutions designed to prevent sophisticated attacks and block persistent attackers from compromising your environment and stealing data. Protect and enable your hybrid workers today.

Cyber essentials

Lower your cyber risks by up to 98.5% with Cyber Essentials and demonstrate that your business upholds industry standards and can be a trusted link in your customer’s supply chain to monitor, procure and process goods and services.

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Understanding people, processes and technology

There’s a common thread across every attack and breach: people. Not just the end user who accidentally falls for a scam, but also the teams tasked with protecting them. We understand that human vulnerability affects all of us, so we look closer to identify and close the gaps within your company through:

  • Exhaustive testing and a comprehensive cross-examination of your business and the threats specific to you.
  • Assess your cyber maturity level and identify gaps in internal processes.
  • End-to-end protection of your network, hardware, applications, users and business data.
  • Training your team to identify and eliminate security risks.

Cyber security solutions

Cisco Duo

Securing your entire organisation has never been easier. Duo’s two-factor authentication, remote access and access control products deploy fast in any environment.

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Acronis cyber protect

Safeguard your data from any threat with Acronis Cyber Protect – the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cyber security.

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Simplify, streamline, and scale your security with Cisco Umbrella – flexible cloud security for your users on and off the network

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Virtual managed firewall

Safeguard cloud and virtualised investments with the virtual firewall that pays for itself. VM-Series NGFWs are built for high performance and significant ROI.

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Maximise your next-generation Palo Alto firewall security management capabilities across your deployment to strengthen your IT security and optimise your ROI.

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