Communications and Colloboration

Business-grade tools for sharing information and communicating effectively whilst working from any location.


As today’s workforces become more distributed, businesses are looking at ways to prevent distance from becoming a barrier for effective communication. We build and implements solutions that allow teams to connect and work together regardless of whether they’re working from a desk in the office or at home, from a meeting room, or even on the go.


By integrating communications channels such as voice, video and instant messaging with data sharing and meeting tools, our collaboration solutions bring a workforce together by creating connected working environments where distance is never a barrier.


TET offers a wide range of solutions and services form the world’s leading manufacturers of communication and collaboration technologies.

Why choose TET?

Experienced IT specialists

Our team of consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business IT requirements.

Strong vendor partnerships

TET has been long term partners with major vendors and knows the thier portfolios through and through.

One end-to-end partner

With TET, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers for your IT project. We will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

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There are a multitude of online collaboration tools designed to enrich the flow of information across your internal teams, customers and trusted partners.

Collaboration solutions help your teams collaborate in real-time, share content, view and edit information synchronously as a group, even if they are not in the same location. Having the ability to engage instantly via messaging, video or Voice over IP (VoIP) keeps people connected and removes any miscommunication and intervals that can often occur when working independently.

Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex
Mitel MiCollab



Business Telephony


Your business phone system is always going to be a critical element of your business communications suite, so it’s vital that it’s accessible, simple-to-use, and doesn’t restrict your workforce from achieving their business goals by being overly complicated.

TET offer a range of flexible options to support businesses of all sizes looking to improve their current communications capabilities or implement a new feature-rich phone system. With hosted, on-premise and hybrid Voice over IP platforms available to choose from, the final product will match the requirements of your business today and in the future.


Our networking specialists will take the time to understand your requirements, existing infrastructure and site layout. Using industry leading site surveying software they are able to produce a wireless design showing access point location and heat maps demonstrating possible performance. Our designs focuse heavily on ensuring not only wireless coverage but that the solution is able to support the required density of devices to ensure a successful deployment.

Video Conferencing


There’s no need to implement different video solutions for your desk, meeting rooms and mobile devices. Extra applications and tools add unnecessary complications and interoperability issues, not to mention increased costs. We will create video conferencing infrastructures that are as simple to operate as possible, allowing businesses to use the video applications they want, whenever they want, on any compatible device, and from any location.