Data Centre

We will help you to utilise the right technologies across your data centre infrastructure, including server, storage, networking, management and security to deliver greater business benefits.


Whether you are looking to make changes to your existing environment or refresh your entire data centre infrastructure, we’ll work together to deliver the right solution.


No matter the technology, the end result is always the same: a resilient, stable infrastructure that your business can rely on.

Why choose TET?

Experienced IT specialists

Our team of consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business IT requirements.

Strong vendor partnerships

TET has been long term partners with major vendors and knows the thier portfolios through and through.

One end-to-end partner

With TET, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers for your IT project. We will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

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A server is a scalable and flexible platform providing processor and memory resources to run all of your workloads, whether in large data centres or small remote offices.

The majority of workloads are now delivered from virtual machines, which are hosted on physical servers. Virtualisation allows you to deliver multiple virtual server instances from a single physical host. This has enabled a rapid growth in services and workloads required to meet ongoing user demands. A single server is now capable of hosting a large number of workloads.


Selecting the right server platform can be complex. By working with a select number of leading vendors we will provide independent advice and guidance to ensure that your datacentre infrastructure is built on the right platform to meet your current and future needs.

Converged Infrastructure


Converged Infrastructure combines server, storage, virtualisation and management elements to deliver a software defined platform that allows you to move away from delivering servers and start delivering services to your users.

A Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) platform delivers many of the benefits associated with web-scale architectures, whilst removing complexity and increasing utilisation, performance and flexibility. By consolidating servers, storage and storage networks into modular compute nodes, which are managed as a single system, HCI further simplifies data centre operations – whilst reducing the physical footprint, power and space requirements.


In partnership with a select number of leading HCI vendors, we work with you to reduce the cost and complexity of your IT environment. With an understanding of your existing infrastructure, noting current pain points and future needs, we’ll guide you in choosing and implementing the right hyper-converged solution for your current and anticipated needs.

Data Storage


Utilising effective data storage and management keeps your business information protected, secure and available. By optimising the storage, backup, recovery and archiving of data, you can ensure availability, continuity and compliance across your organisation.

With data generation at an ever increasing rate and size, coupled with a need to access and use the data in more ways than before, the challenge for effective data storage, management and access increases. Your data is one of your greatest assets and understanding the full data lifecycle, from creation, storage and archiving through to retrieval and deletion, helps to develop a strategy for effective data storage and long term management.


We work with a select number of leading technology vendors, delivering storage and data management solutions that provide the foundation for delivering applications, data and information to users, as well as enabling disaster recovery.



The Core Network plays a pivotal role, ensuring that your datacentre infrastructure is capable of handling the growing demands of private cloud computing.

By providing connectivity and supporting all the connections between servers and storage within the datacentre, the Core Network provides the network for the physical and virtual environment, and connects physical servers to each other and to other data services. Technology advancements in datacentre networking means that software defined or application centric datacentre networking solutions are strategic options to be considered.


Our in-house, multi accredited team of Solution Architect’s will assess your existing data centre infrastructure to provide a Core Network solution that is stable, secure, reliable and scalable to accurately meet the needs of your organisation, users and customers.