Modern Workplace

We help to bring the modern workspace to life by integrating users into the computing environment.


We help develop your workplace strategy by understanding how and where your users currently work, and how they access and use the applications to enhance productivity. It is also important that we understand your vision and plans for future growth, as well as the threats that may challenge achieving that.

Experienced specialists

Our team of consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business IT infrastructure.

Strong vendor partnerships

TET has been partner with leading vendors for over 30 years and knows the thier portfolios through and through.

One end-to-end partner

With TET, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers. We will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

Related Services

End User Devices


From PC’s to Tablets, monitors to printers and backed by leading vendors such as HP, Lenovo and Dell, TET can supply and manage your workplace infrastructure.

Virtual Desktop


Could you do more for less? With even the most basic personal computer often over-qualified for the needs of the standard user, have you considered why you should pay for software you don’t need and hardware that can be costly to refresh?

Remote Working


It is easier than ever for your team to work from remote locations, or from home, as effectively as if they were at their desks. Extending the network beyond the office, whilst ensuring optimal network security, is a core to remote working solution.

Windows 10 Migration


Windows 10 is the most powerful and reliable operating system yet. With built in security and productivity features, your organisation can be working smarter – instantly.