Your Microsoft 365 cost increased by another 9% on April 1st. Avoid another price hike with Smarter SaaS

Microsoft price changes

Starting 1st April, 2023, pricing for Microsoft Cloud products like Microsoft 365 increased in the following currencies:

GBP: +9%

DKK, EUR and NOK: +11%

SEK: +15%

Things to consider:

New pricing and your renewal

New pricing will only affect you at renewal. If you have a yearly commitment to NCE/CSP subscriptions, price protection is in place until the renewal date. Monthly commit NCE subscriptions have no price protection.

Migrate from CSP

If you’re still on CSP we recommend migrating before the end of March, to beat the price increase on 1st April.

Azure pricing increase

Azure pricing will increase for ‘legacy Azure’ only. Any customers already on an Azure plan will not see a price rise, as pricing is already based on a monthly USD to GBP price rate.

How can TET help?

Smarter SaaS for M365 optimises and provides insights into your existing estate by analysing and optimising your current licence consumption to provide the most optimal licence subscription for your business.

The Microsoft price increase will come into effect on April 1st. Beat the price hike with Smarter SaaS. We will increase your cost savings, to offset the price increase, typically saving up to 30%, maximising your ROI.

Complete visibility
Gain complete visibility and user usage of your overall Microsoft 365 estate.
Optimised your Microsoft 365 usage

Identify manual processes that can be automated and where license usage is low and optimise usage efficiency.

Become IT complient
Clearly identify what’s on your Microsoft 365 and remain IT compliant.

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