HPE GreenLake for manufacturing

Consumption-based solutions to transform IT delivery for the manufacturing industry.

Keeping up with manufacturing’s changing dynamics

Manufacturers face evolving challenges, including finding new revenue streams, improving operational efficiency, adapting to changing demands, and utilizing data for better decisions. The pandemic has heightened the urgency for digital transformation to ensure operational continuity and keep up with changing dynamics.

Enabling the factory of the future

As more data is collected from production facilities, the ability to transform it into actionable insights will be the digital foundation for the factory of the future. Flexible IT services help manufacturers align to changing production priorities.

Data analytics and insights

Manufacturers need solutions that keep pace with changing dynamics and business needs. HPE GreenLake can support requirements with an agile IT infrastructure that’s designed to provide insights across plant floor, supply chain, and enterprise data.

Operations optimisation

HPE GreenLake solutions support enterprise systems that enable more efficient operations, warn when equipment is failing or needs repair, improve product quality and throughput, and provide flexibility to run your infrastructure where you want it.

Product design and development

Engineering and design teams need HPC systems to speed development testing while improving product quality and safety. HPE GreenLake solutions offer the software, compute, and storage capabilities to help you accelerate innovation and time to value.

Find a solution, solve your challenge

Easily find the right combination of software and hardware to meet
specific business needs.

HPE GreenLake: Empowering transformation to meet digital demands

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes vast amounts of data available to manufacturers; the challenge is to transform that data into insights to uncover inefficiencies and support competitiveness. HPE GreenLake offers workload-optimized services that enable faster access to data and insights, combining the automation, agility, and economics of the cloud with the security and performance of on-premises infrastructure. IT can now deliver a modernized solution that is adaptable, scalable, secure, and streamlined to provide business efficiencies from the shop floor to the executive suite.

Consumption and cost transparency

HPE GreenLake combines on-premises solutions with the benefits of the public cloud, enabling manufacturers to gather real-time insights from IIoT while maintaining control.

Gain faster access to data and insights

IIoT enables fast manufacturing, predictive maintenance, reduced downtime, and increased automation. HPE GreenLake offers integrated solutions for accelerated decisions, insights, and innovations with simplicity.

Ensure IT availability while keeping data secure

HPE GreenLake ensures minimal plant downtime by monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure, protecting valuable intellectual property on-premises.

Ensure IT availability while keeping data secure

HPE GreenLake enables flexible and cost-effective IT resource allocation for manufacturing, supporting changing market conditions and business needs.

Get started with HPE GreenLake

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